Fun Touch OS


Funtouch OS 4 combines with artificial intelligence technology to better understand your needs. It is more like a friend who has been with you for many years. There is no need to talk too much between friends. It understands all aspects of you. Your life will be more intimate, more worry-free, more convenient, and more interesting elements.


UI Design

More Rounded

In order to match the rounded design corners of the phone body, everything from icons,
the home screen, widgets, and pop-up windows are now more rounded in design.

More refined

Icons use a combination of lines and planes to revolutionize the original simple and some
what dull block structure, delivering more refined flatness.

More Considerate

Jovi Smart Scene

An assistant such as this is a must-have addition to your life. Jovi Smart Scene takes care of all aspects of your life
by providing you with matches and sports information, rest reminders, weather and other services.


Memory Albums 2.0

Find happiness as you travel back in time.
With AI image recognition, locally stored photos are automatically filtered according to location, time, event, person,
scene and other aspects, and Memory Albums and Memory Videos are generated intelligently. Your previously
photos will be brought to life to integrate more memories and emotions.


Virus scan detects and eliminates risks in app installations by cloud, providing you with real-time security protection and 
a device free from Trojan viruses.Similar photos can be quickly grouped or deleted photos, so that only the most beautiful 
are kept.App encryption protects your privacy and avoids unauthorized use of apps.