Are Mobile Phones Without SD Card Worth Buying?

Hello Vivo Users, 

Earlier when the mobile companies launched their smartphones with large internal storage but without the SD card option; we were still fascinated towards them. Well, initially these were enough too. But do you think what has changed over time that now owning a 64GB smartphone isn’t enough? It is so because most of our phone’s memory is occupied by photos and videos. And another cause of running out of storage is applications. Before we move, let’s understand these reasons a bit briefly.

Nowadays we have shifted to smartphones with a powerful camera. So, the image size of such phones is 1 MB at least. And the size of a one-minute video in HD quality goes up to 150MB. That is why the phone runs out of storage early even without having many files like your old phones. Secondly, be it for pleasure or shopping, all of us are guilty of downloading too many applications. Above it, gaming apps occupy most of the storage. Apart from their file size, its user and cache data increases as you play more. All of these affect the space on your phone and also its performance.

Pros of SD card

Cons of SD card

1. It increases storage so you can keep infrequently used large files on it. 

2. Small size and its portability make it convenient for carrying anywhere. 

3. Can be used for sharing files with any other smartphone, PC, laptops, media players, etc.

1. SD cards aren’t reliable for securing data.

2. Can be corrupted easily and data can be lost.

3. Cheap SD cards don’t perform well in speed. As they don’t load the data fast and do not deliver high frame rates for HD or above resolution videos.


Remember this when you buy a SD Card
Well along with advantages, it has certain limitations too. Generally, SD cards are easy to get corrupt or crash and they don’t deliver the performance either. So always buy SD cards of a reliable brand like Kingston or SanDisk which are advanced in class. Eg. Class 10 or more as they accommodate the speed of the phone and loads data faster.


The solution to No Micro SD Card
If you own a phone that doesn’t support expandable memory, follow this tip to get more space. You can opt for a few services such as Vivo Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others. These services offer internet accessible external storage just like the micro SD card storage. But, all these services offer limited free storage. And if you run out of it too, the only other go-to option is to transfer your data in PC or to a portable hard drive.
Expandable memory is your right when you spend so much money on facility and convenience.


While some might say that SD cards are a thing of past, do you feel their need? Share your views in the comments below.

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