Best Games For Android | Top 5 Free On Play Store

 “Hey, can you suggest me any interesting gaming application?” “Yeah, why don’t you join the PUBG squad its real fun”.

Are you the one who asks such questions in anticipation of some interesting game suggestions but instead get the same boring recommendations!!! If yes, you have landed on the right page. For one and all who are searching for the best android games, unlike Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush or Subway Surfers.

We bet that you will not regret downloading these suggestions or irk over like you might for many clone versions of popular games.


Stranger Things 3


If you have loved the Netflix series of Stranger Things season 2, then this is game is just for you. This is the official game for Stranger Things and BonusXP Inc.  This is among best adventure games for android phone which lets the fans play in their favourite locations like Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab and discover other exciting areas. All in all, playing the game will give you an experience of exploration, puzzle-solving and combat.




Though it is not a newly launched game, it is very engaging thus in the list of top 5 games. The application by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. available for free is among the top games suggested in editor’s choice.  It’s an amusing card game where the player can be heroic and needs to play with strategy. Throughout the game, you can unleash cards, summon minions and seize control by slinging spells in the different battlefield. What makes the game more interesting is that in the arena you can also play in a duel with other players.


8 Ball Pool


The pool is one of the most popular and in the list of top online games. So if you have not played it in reality, at least here you can give it a try. The game is all about collecting coins and exclusive items. It’s an online game that lets you compete 1-On-1 Or in 8 player tournaments to win trophies. By signing in to your Facebook account or Miniclip, you can even challenge your friends or pro legends and increase your rank by facing more challenges.


Angry Birds Rio


A game inspired by the most popular movie packs a lot of fun. Developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the Angry Birds Rio and Rio 2 offers offers an enticing experience throughout by slinging and destroying the structures and pigs. The gameplay revolves around the plot that Angry Birds have been kidnapped and moved to Rio de Janerio. Though some have managed to escape, their friends Blu and Jewel (star macaws in movie Rio and Rio 2) are still under captivity and needs to be saved. The player gets to unlock bonus levels by finding hidden elements. A few other features like spectacular boss fights, call the flock and power potion can make you a fan of Angry Birds game.



Last Day on Earth: Survival


If survival games are your taste, you should go with this game. The last day on earth has it sets in a post-apocalyptic world in 2027 where an outbreak of infection has destroyed the human race into zombies and only a few survivors are left. For the hardcore gamers, this game offered by 'Kefir!' has tough seasonal locations where you can defeat intruders to your land and do anything to survive. Moreover, as the new land has new rules, by upgrading your hero you can equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors.


For now, that’s the list of top android games which are surely going to freshen your mood until we come up with new and interesting suggestions. Share your feedback in the comments below and stay updated with us.

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