The Gmail has now made emailing even better experience with its new timing options. Also, its integrated AI now automatically scans the inbox contents of received emails and shows them on priority which might be important. Unless you have been living under a rock, these features are already rolling in the Gmail new version. The newly added features allow smart reply and hover actions. Among these, the ‘snooze feature’ and ‘confidential mode’ are significant changes. More than the cosmetic makeover, these functions can make your mailing business a lot less stressful. If you want to know how; read the information shared below. 


What Is Snooze Feature? 

Are you someone who forgets to reply to an important email after delaying it? If yes, this feature will ensure that you don’t forget responding to an email. With this feature, your important emails won’t get lost in the everyday clutter of newsletters and mailers. You can now snooze mails with the clock option in the desktop view and set the time when you’d like to see the particular email again. When your set time is up the message pops back in your inbox. 

Learn the steps to use Gmail snooze feature:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Go on the mail you wish to see later. 
  • Hover to the clock button present on the right side. 
  • Select from the listed timing options or set custom time and date according to your choice. 

Learn to activate Gmail snooze settings on mobile phone:

  • Open the Gmail application
  • Long press the email you wish to snooze. 
  • Tap on more options from the right corner with 3 dots. 
  • Select the snooze option. 
  • Choose time from available presets or customize it as per your convenience. 




What Is Confidential Mode?? 

Call it privacy or confidentiality, in the series of additions this feature is conducive for emails subject to privacy. This mode allows you to set the expiry of emails you send out. It sets restrictions on how your email will be displayed, viewed and shared. The Gmail confidential email cannot be copied, download, forwarded or printed if a passcode is set for its viewing. The option is available while composing a new mail. The setting is available in the lock and the clock button present at the bottom of the row.


Learn to enable Gmail confidential mode through these steps:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Add CC, compose the email and add attachments (if required).
  • Hover at the bottom row options and click on the lock and clock option. (Follow this step before hitting on send option)
  • Set the expiration and passcode as required.
  • Click on the save option.


Know the steps to send email using Gmail confidential mode through smartphone:

  • Open the Gmail application
  • Add CC and compose the mail. 
  • Tap on more options from the right corner with 3 dots. 
  • Select confidential mode. 
  • Set the expiry from available options and standard/SMS passcode as per your convenience. 
  • Save the settings by tapping on the Save option.

The passcodes will be generated by Google and if you select the SMS passcodes will be sent on your registered mobile number.

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