Google Family Link To Control Mobile Use Habits of Children

Google keeps on adding new features and applications that can make the experience of smart devices and phones better every day. And we can’t deny the fact that these cool features appease us and bring more convenience in our daily use. Nowadays, children are lot attracted and addicted to using smartphones for playing games, watching videos and even using social media without any purpose. For the same concern, Google has come up with a new feature that will help everyone to develop healthy digital habits.

If you want to know what it is, then read the information shared below. This will help you to brush up on some smart tips for android parental control settings on your child’s smartphone.

What is Family Link?

For those whose children are teens or younger and you don’t want them to be addicted to social media, then Family Link is the solution. The Family Link is Google parental control app that allows you to remotely monitor the actions of your children. With it, you can guide them to learn, play and explore on internet in a right way. Using this application, you can create a Google account for your children that will be operated by the parents such as their own account with access to most G-services.

You can use the Family Link to create Google account for your child either on android or an iOS device easily. Well, Google also prompts an option for you to decide their right age of switching to normal account or it will do so automatically when they turn 13years old (or the applicable age in the country).  The Family Link app allows you to create a group of up to six people and one of them can be the family manager to handle all accounts.


What you can do with it?

There are many things you can do with Google’s parental controls on android smartphone and a few important ones are:

Guide to Better Content

With Google’s parental control, you can easily view their app activity. You can see how much time they are spending on their favourite app with daily, weekly and monthly reports on Google family group. If they are using applications that you don’t want them to use; you can even block those apps from downloading or hide on their device and manage in-app purchases remotely from your mobile phones. However, you won’t be able to disable pre-installed apps or control applications that you have approved once to download.

Alongside, if it’s hard for you to decide which apps are good for your child; then, the app can also show you teacher recommended apps that you can directly add on their device.

Watch Screen Time

Few features of Google’s smartphone parental control are very useful. And among all, keeping eye on your ward’s screen time is best. You can do so by setting the time limit and lock their device. Using family link application, you can decide what is the right amount of screen time for your child and set those limits for bedtime. Once you have set the time, the device will be locked for the entire duration.

Also, when you feel it’s time for them to take a break, play, eat dinner or any other activity you can easily lock their supervised devices with the help of the app.

Check their location

With Family link, it is easy to locate your child whenever they go out with their smartphone. When they are on the go on and you are worried about their safety, with the help of this application right on your device you can see where they are. Just make sure that the location service of their phone is active.


How can you use it?

  • Install Family Link from the play store or complete the process through family link apk.
  • Create an account for your child through the instructed process.
  • Once the email account is confirmed, add your parent account on your child’s device from the settings app.
  • Next tap on the users & accounts after which you can sign in with the parent account and use it with Family Link.
  • Now you can set the limit such as scheduling what will be their screen time as day limit in fix hours and bedtime.


Which devices support this feature?

  • For kids, i.e. device that parents wish to monitor should run on android version 7.0 and higher to be able to use Family Link. It also supports android 5.0 and 6.0 but with limited features.
  • While the parents can manage the Family Link from any device of android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or above.
  • The devices with iOS and android based platforms can also use them varying on the compatibility of the Family link application.

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