Google Photos-Now Search The Text In Your Pictures | Know How?

The Google photos has upgraded its searching algorithms. This excellent free cloud service for the image is popular for its easy use and its searching options. However, now the backup service has added a new feature which enables the user to search for text in images.

The smartphone users can now search for images with specific text by typing its keywords in the search bar. This new function uses the google lens which analyses the image and provides results related to your search. Also, the new text search function’s capabilities are enhanced further with OCR. The Optical Character Recognition enables to further copy the text and paste it. This feature can help you to easily filter images of documents, useful screenshots and other things such as business cards, signboards, menus, brochure, etc. This text search is ideal for fetching out data and even the Wi-Fi passwords which you have saved by taking a picture. However, this text search only works best with photographs that have clear fonts and texts. Also, it might struggle to be coherent for hand written cursive texts.

So, on the one hand where the search functionality of google photos is already a powerful tool to recognize faces, pets, objects, and locations; now it's even smarter. Other features that google photos provide are:-

  • Free high quality storage
  • Advanced editing suite
  • Automatic creations
  • Fast and powerful search
  • Live albums

The update is now available for everyone, so if you have a Vivo smartphone, sync your data with google photos and try out the new feature all by yourself.  

Here's how to use the Google Photos search tool to find your photos:
1. Open the Google Photos app.
2. Tap on the search bar and type what you're looking for. For example, if you took a screenshot of a coffee shop you want to try, just type coffee or the name of the business.
3. Once Google has spotted the image for you, tap on it.
4. Tap the Google Lens button on the bottom of the screen. It's a square with a dot in the center.
5. Google will highlight all of the text in the photo. Tap on the words you want to copy.
6. Select Copy text.
7. Now you can paste the text wherever you need, like in the messages app or in a browser.

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