Graphic Perfection in Smartphones | Adreno GPU Explained!

Graphic-extensive gaming, animations, and picturesque apps are all we need to make our day going.When we have everything handy in our smartphones, do you ever wonder what results in the smooth and fast processing of your smartphone? We believe as a smartphone user you should know its inside out.

Every system has SoC (System on Chip) which houses components like CPU for computation and processing of graphics, Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), camera, display, connectivity sensors for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE and many other.

It is the GPU responsible for better viewing and gaming experience. The Snapdragon is among the best SoC, and its every chipset includes some type of Adreno GPU in it.

So, what actually is Adreno GPU?

The Adreno GPU is responsible for all the high-quality graphics within controlled power consumption. GPU is primarily used for graphics rendering which results in enriched user experience.

In activities like gaming and user interface display. GPU can also be used for composition combining some video, images, and graphics into a final frame. The GPU can-do general-purpose computing which is commonly called as GP GPU. Over the course many years, the Adreno GPU has passed various generation levels.

With every proceeding generation, it achieves a newer level of graphics processing. The advances are backed up by unique hardware design, adjusted application size, and enhanced clock speed.

The Adreno GPU comes in various architectural levels with varying variation levels. The Adreno architecture is very well designed to support various APIs such as OpenGL, Open CL, DirectX, and Render Script. Additions

Of course, you will see newer versions of Adreno graphics in the upcoming phones with higher versions of Snapdragon. And all of these are going to be there as you get your hands on latest smartphones.

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