How Will It Feel To Have 5G Connectivity?

While making our way through variations such as 2G, 3G, 4G and now soon expecting 5G, we have constantly been surrounded by ultra-HD content getting unimaginably affordable. 5G is one of those hi-tech new things which will add a total different dimension to futuristic things. The expectancy of 5G has been high along with dazzling hot discussions about it. Interestingly, the difference is going to be massive and thing are expected to work as fast downloading the 4k music video file in seconds.

In general, 5G network will facilitate:

–    Incredibly faster downloading and uploading speed

–    Better mobile connections.

–    Voice and video calls with a massive improvement in quality.

–    Streaming of content at an almost offline speed.

–    A number of IoT devices can be connected.

–    A better scope of integrating super-advanced technologies such as self-driving cars.


How does a 5G network will make change?

The GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications) mentions different criteria for the execution of a 5G network which will be as follows: