Stop Anyone From Adding You In Random WhatsApp Groups

The WhatsApp group is one very popular medium to stay connected with your friends & family but, it is not private anymore. These days this medium is used a lot for different trading purposes too. And almost all of us have been spammed with such messages. So, does it irritate you when anyone keeps adding you to their random groups? Well, if we are not wrong, it annoys every one of us. And this is why recently the WhatsApp has rolled out its new privacy settings to put you out of the situation. Let’s look into it more, find out what it is all about & how you can activate this setting.


According to ‘Threatpost’ hackers can corrupt your device by manipulating the metadata of an audio or video file. This kind of attack is possible when the file is played on the device. And creating random WhatsApp group is the easiest way to spread it.

With all these concerns of malicious activities, data breaching & other data privacy concerns, the latest update (20.19.308 for Android devices & 2.19.112 for iPhone devices) of WhatsApp has brought some considerably remarkable changes in its privacy settings. With these changes, you can control who can and can't add you in their WhatsApp group.  


As mentioned it is the update, firstly you need to update the application. Once done, follow these steps to enable it from the settings:

  • Open your updated WhatsApp


  • Tap on the vertical three-dots icon on the top-right.


  • Go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups


  • Now select one of the given three options. (Avoid using everyone, as anyone can add you to groups)


  • If you select My Contacts, only your saved contacts can add you to the WhatsApp groups.


  • Selecting, My Contacts Except lets you permit selected people to add in WhatsApp groups they create.