Train Your Brain With These Apps

Nomophobia, Phantom Vibration Syndrome and Text neck are some of the very common tern associated with the mobile phone addictions lately. According to research from 'Psychology Today' Magazine, nearly 40% of the population is completely addicted to their smartphones. Well, the good news is that you can use the addiction for good too.

If you are someone who is always on the phone, we recommend making it a useful pastime with some brain training exercises. 

Here are some applications on the deck which you can try now to train your mind with games. These mentioned applications will help you to improve your memory and mental skills.


Neuro Nation

Trusted by a community of more than 15million people, this application can help you overcome problems like weak memory, low concentration and slow thinking capacity. The simple brain games of 15 minutes can benefit you to focus better and sharpen your memory. Available for free, this application offers personalization to 27 exercises with change and balance in them on a scientific basis with detailed progressive analysis.

Reasons you would love this:

  • Training includes easy and fun games to play. 
  • You can choose training packages according to your mental needs. 
  • Keep a track of your progress, play and compare it with your friends. 



Elevate is the brain training program with which you can improve cognitive skills, boost productivity, self-confidence and learning power. Recommended highly by review websites, the application comes out ahead with its 35+ brain games, detailed performance tracking, personalization for daily workouts, difficulty progression, workout calendar and more. However, its free version is available for 14days of trial only and the pro version is paid.