Vivo Loyal Club Celebration

8th, Dec 2019

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned”, and Vivo Rajasthan made it right through the event organised for customers who gave their love & support to us. The theme & purpose of the event was to acknowledge the longevity that customers chose to share with us. The event was all about celebrating the shared term, interact with them & show that their most loved smartphone brand care for them. The celebration was worthy and obligatory for many reasons because the ‘loyal customers’ had never switched from the brand. In fact, their immense love was not confined to them only. It was their entire family loving vivo & considering it for the same.


Set of the Event

It all started by choosing a few customers who chose to hold on us time & again to rejoice the companionship we have share. The night began by the warm welcome of all guests who managed to spare time for one to one synergy. Customers were greeted in traditional style with lots of love to blast off the thanksgiving night to set the purpose of event to its context.

Giving the event a formal & proper start, customers were presented thanks for making Vivo their favourite smartphone brand. After this, customers were given more reasons to hold on to Vivo by introducing the very latest vivo V17. They were explained about its features, uniqueness & reasons that makes the V17 stand out in its segment. To keep it an overall infotainment session, there was a live music performance which added cheerfulness in the ambience. Apart from all these interactive sessions, there was also an experience zone to amaze the customers. Along with it, the anti-gravity zone wooed attendees and made the night one of a kind experience for all.  

For Vivo, its VBAs are the backbone of our unit. They are the ones working on ground zero and have maximum interaction with the customers. To correspond the same, an interactive session comprising V17pro highlights, strategies of retailer schemes and VBA schemes were introduced. At the same time, the sessions of open feedback were insightful on professional and personal level for all. To fit the purpose of the event and bring useful innovations; customer demands and currently faced issues were also brought up through open discussions. 


Search of Loyal Customers 

Scrutinizing the loyal customers was a proud moment for Vivo Rajasthan as we met many customers whose entire family was Vivo smartphone consumer. However, this immense love set the bar high & at last 40 customers from across Rajasthan were selected to share the moment. The customers who have purchased any of the flagship V series smartphone and were owning vivo V15 Pro got the nod to get in the club.


Words Worth Sharing

The objective was to bring all of our loyal customers together and share a different kind of experience just as they made us feel for all these years. Lastly, as a gesture of recognition all loyal customers were given a surprise of Vivo goodies bag and a T-shirt. When asked to share their experience with Vivo. Here’s what most of them said:

“So far among all smartphones, Vivo V15Pro is our favourite smartphone.”

“We like vivo because its smartphones have more durability and best camera than other smartphones brand we have used.”

All in all, this 5years of vivo celebration with our loyal customers turned into a lifelong experience that we would love to celebrate again and again.  

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